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[Official ELF BAN List]
These users have broken one or more rules on ELF and have been banned from ELF - its other fansites - and its servers permanently. All ELF members should attempt to stay away and avoid contact with any of these malicious users. This list is non-negotiable. Thread locked.

Ban list last updated: 04/06/2011 by Pico

Azami -
aka ismAILDo5, Neko.

Biologic - (unbanned)

LucyandNyuu -

pinksquids - (unbanned)

X12 - (unbanned)

animefreak - (unbanned)

brainiac - (unbanned)

ivailoto5 - (unbanned)

Uzunar -

RageLOL -

NuclearNyu - (unbanned)


Edited by ezenith on 28-12-2011 04:14
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