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Started: 10/06/2011 21:18

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03-03-2014 14:19
Anyone there?

23-02-2014 17:48
I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed: "Elfen Lied Season 2" http://www.ipetiti

16-02-2014 22:51
anyone know the name of the name of the narrator for the 'in the next elfen lied' episode preview? feel free to pm me the name

05-02-2014 16:17
Please delete my account, thanks.

22-01-2014 03:38
I really wish i hadn't stopped drawing Elfen Lied pictures. Now its really hard to draw Tory. TT ^ TT

28-10-2013 19:04

22-10-2013 08:15
New Fansite coming out soon! Admins, please check your private messages.

15-10-2013 02:34
wish i knew what ive done with the rest of my fanfic. really frustrating

02-10-2013 22:15
For the person below i think it was Dan Kim who made it since the site says he is the creator of all the art and comics on it.

02-10-2013 04:34
I don't even know how to describe "Nana's Everyday Life". I loved it but at the same time hated it. Finished it in 20 minutes. I want more. Who made it, anyway? I've read it befo

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Nana's Everyday Life

Elfen Lied Wiki

Inroduction Artwork and Comparisons

The opening of Elfenlied was inspired by the painter Gustav Klimt.
Please note that all images are ? by ? VAP ? GENCO and/or ADV Films and/or Gustav Klimt.

Left side: Gustav Klimt's artwork Right side: Elfenlied opening screenshots

Comparison 1

Comparison 2

Comparison 3

Comparison 4

Want to learn more facts about lucy's artwork? Did you know that on this last image she's masturbating? To learn more, click the thread link below.


#11 | cesar_bhn on February 15 2010 15:11:37
Anyone notice Lucy's hiar in the first one is black and not pink?? She looks okay on the left side but the Elfen Lied version is the bestSmile
#12 | Pumacloser on February 20 2010 14:38:29
i dont realy like the pictures in the beginning but everythin in Elfenlied is great
#13 | Bahaumet on March 27 2010 07:00:14
Well, you have to of course respect Gustav if the creators of Elfen Lied admired him so much.
#14 | edwinslea on April 13 2010 17:00:18
Hi there, I dont know if I am writing in a proper board but I have got a problem with activation, link i receive in email is not working... keyword,
#15 | Mikii on May 21 2010 02:36:25
Personally the opening is great. The music, the art it complements each other well
#16 | Mikii on May 21 2010 02:38:51
lol>.> wrong thing**that last comment
the Elfen Leid side is better from a anime and art point of view to me
#17 | kouta-kun on July 03 2010 06:11:04
Adoro esse opening de Elfen Lied
#18 | Aids Meister X on July 15 2012 23:49:42
Who did this art for elfenlied anyway? There was nothing like this in the manga so it must be one of the animators. Maybe the intro is where the budget got pooled O_o;;

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